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Daisy Magic Ball Personalised Phone Charm

Daisy Magic Ball Personalised Phone Charm

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Our Daisy Magic Ball Personalised Phone Charm is made with care, featuring sleek black seed beads for a stylish touch. This lovely accessory combines the timeless charm of daisies with a modern twist, making your phone stand out in a unique way.

The black seed beads not only add a touch of elegance to the playful daisy design but also let you personalise the charm with your name or initials. Easy to attach to your phone, the Daisy Magic Ball Personalised Phone Charm is more than just a decoration – it's a simple way to express your style and make your device your own. Elevate your phone with this charming accessory that brings a touch of personality to your everyday essentials.


⭐️ Comes in different thread colour options.

⭐️It can be customised so you can choose your own words or name on it and you can even choose the thread colour.

⭐️Each phone strap will be unique and may vary slightly.


⭐️Suitable for all kinds of mobile phone cases with holes.

⭐️This cute gummy charm can also be used as a bag charm & bag tag.


⭐️The strap can take a certain amount of weight but please do not excessively pull it as it may snap.

⭐️Since some beads are made of plated or coated materials, they are more likely to be discoloured by use over time. So, please keep your item dry at all times and away from perfume, body creams and hand gels to preserve any plating and to ensure your piece lives a long and beautiful life.


⭐️Comes in cute packaging, perfect for gifting.

Enjoy your phone strap!

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