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Custom Name Beaded Cat or Dog Necklace

Custom Name Beaded Cat or Dog Necklace

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Add some bling to your pet's collar with our beaded cat and dog collars. Each collar is handmade, using high-quality beads and wire to create a stunning statement piece for your pet. Our beaded collars are available in multiple colours and sizes to suit any size of dog or cat so that you can find the perfect one for them!

IT IS A REGULAR NECKLACE WITH A CLASP. They are designed for accessory purposes, so please handle them with care. You can also buy it as a set ad can be matchy-matchy with your furry friend :)
(L-XL would be great for human size)

***Some pets do not like to have a collar as they are not used to it. If they want to get off the collar or try to scratch it with their paws, the item can be more likely damaged. So if you see your pet is uncomfortable with his/her necklace, please gently take it off***


⭐️Extra chain: Yes (Every collar comes with an extra chain in case you might want to loosen or tighten his/her collar)

⭐️We have different size options but if you need a specific size please write to us.

XS- 20-25 cm
S- 25-30 cm
M- 30-35 cm
L- 35-40 cm
XL- 40-45 cm


Our necklaces are made to last with a durable wire jewellery cord. They are fastened with a plated lobster clasp. But please keep in mind that excessive pulling or tugging may still cause breakage.

⭐️These collars are not designed to connect to your dog's or cat's main lead. They're designed for more likely to be a pet accessory.
⭐️Please keep your item dry at all times to preserve any plating and ensure your piece lives a long and beautiful life.

Do not forget to tag us in your gorgeous pics!
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Tracy deans

    Amazing item our frenchie looks awesome ?? with her new necklace on


    Great gift and very creative


    I just got my babies necklace. It�s beyond pretty & I the customer service was beyond expectations! As soon as it was made before they shipped it she sent me a message with a picture of it so that was pretty nice. I�m very happy & will definitely buy more ??